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Brooklyn Magazine is a stylish, smart quarterly celebrating the charm, authenticity and opportunity that makes Brooklyn the darling of Hollywood- weary celebrites, avant-garde chefs and indepentant minded New Yorkers.
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Canadian Home Trends

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Canada’s Home Décor & Lifestyle Magazine, written and published by Canadians for Canadians has short, informational articles relating to home décor, building and renovating, HGTV celebrities, yard and garden, covering lifestyle interests, offering simple project instruction and wholesome recipes, as...
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Canadian Living

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The Canadian Living Magazine for helpful articles on food, cooking, health, relationships, family and lifestyles in Canada.
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Cary Magazine-North Carolina

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The good life in western Wake County North Carolina. Brilliant Photography, compelling articles and the best lifestyle choices the area has to offer.
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Celtic Life

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Celtic Life International is a global community promoting the living culture of the seven Celtic Nations. The Celtic lifestyle embraces the living culture of music, travel, language, food, history and more through feature articles and interviews with Celts, writers and historians of all professions...
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Charlotte Magazine

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Charlotte magazine is your guide to getting the most out of the beautiful and vibrant Charlotte area. Charlotte tells you what to do, whether it's the hottest concerts, the coolest dance clubs, or the newest eateries.
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Chicago has news and features on personalities, politics, trends, culture, and lifestyle issues of particular interest to people in the Windy City. Regular columns cover business, the media, high-profile women, and the local theater and movie scene.
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Cincinnati Magazine

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Bold, bright, smart. A magazine just like the city of Cincinnati! Cincinnati Magazine keeps you on top of all the important people, places, events and issues. Plus, it covers the best in arts, dining and entertainment.
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Cleveland Magazine has its eyes and ears focused on Northeast Ohio. Our subscribers look forward to
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coast is the only magazine to exclusively cover the coastline of the British Isles. Subscribe to discover secret beaches and hidden coves, the best shoreline restaurants and hotels, new ideas for fantastic breaks by the sea and learn more about the fascinating culture and history that surrounds us. ...
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