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Hills Views & Valleys - Print + Digital

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Luxury is uniquely redefined within the pages of Hills Views & Valleys. Created to share and explore some of the world’s finest international properties and experiences, the magazine showcases the renowned and the remarkable, from entertainment and travel destinations to the unique pleasures of exot...
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In Touch

Your Price: $83.20 You Save: 19%
In Touch is the perfect weekly magazine devoted entirely to the world of celebrity for the on-the-go reader. It's packed with the latest celebrity gossip, stunning photos and fashion, plus articles that touch the heart.
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Life & Style Weekly

Your Price: $94.64 You Save: 39%
The first weekly style magazine. Features the latest Hollywood fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends merged with celebrity news and shopping information.
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National Enquirer

Your Price: $139.88 You Save: 27%
The National Enquirer features exclusive, in-depth coverage and photos of late breaking news and events and goes behind the scenes to uncover what Enquiring Minds really want to know. Each weekly issue covers star and famous personalities plus human inter
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National Examiner

Your Price: $139.88 You Save: 22%
Features stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. Also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz, and a weekly crossword puzzle.
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Your Price: $59.95 You Save: 82%
OK! is a popular culture and entertainment magazine featuring celebrity interviews and photographs, Hollywood gossip, and fashion, beauty, diet, and health news.
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Otaku USA

Your Price: $24.95 You Save: 30%
Otaku USA is a thick, full-color magazine featuring comprehensive coverage of manga, anime, videogames and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view. Otaku USA also publishes 32 pages of the hottest manga previews from the top publishers. Because Otaku USA is an independent US maga...
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Soap Opera Digest

Your Price: $99.47 You Save: 52%
Do you want to keep up with the daily soaps even if you can't always watch them? Soap Opera Digest comes to the rescue. Plot and character synopses of every daytime and prime time serials let you keep abreast of the goings-on at General Hospital and elsewhere. Issues also feature late-breaking news,...
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Your Price: $78.00 You Save: 57%
Every week Star Magazine covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Weekly features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and the latest celebrity fashions.
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The Hollywood Reporter

Your Price: $99.00
The Hollywood Reporter is the industry’s most complete weekly entertainment news and information source. For over 70 years, The Hollywood Reporter has been offering unprecedented access to the people, studios, networks and agencies that create the magic in Hollywood.
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