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Adventist Review

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Find yourself immersed in a vibrant, thriving community of fellow believers by subscribing to the Adventist Review. Three times a month it reports on what’s happening among our people and organizations. You’ll see for yourself why it is the most respected source of news and information in world chur...
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America The Jesuit Review

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America The Jesuit Review magazine for thinking Catholics and those who want to know what Catholics are thinking.
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Biblical Archaeology Review

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Archaeological findings are explored to uncover the mysteries of the past, primarily as they relate to Biblical writings. Pictures, graphs and charts, and maps help communicate this fascinating information which helps the reader understand the historical
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Buddhadharma is the one journal for serious practitioners of all Buddhist schools. It’s where you can deepen your practice, expand your knowledge of Buddhism, learn from other traditions, and connect with fellow practitioners to address all the important issues facing Buddhism today.
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Catholic New York

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Catholic New York is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of New York, and the largest Catholic newspaper of its kind in the United Sates. Founded in 1981 by His Eminence, Terence Cardinal Cooke, CNY reports on the news and activities of the Catholic Church as it occurs in the parishes and sc...
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Catholic Update

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Catholic Update is a practical four-page newsletter that explores Catholic teaching and tradition to promote better understanding by all Catholics. A new topic each month explores a key aspect of our Catholic faith or a current topic of importance to Catholics. Every issue receives the imprimatur f...
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Christian Century

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An ecumenical journal of opinion and news with a broad approach to topics of religion, culture and world affairs.
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Christianity Today

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Provides a forum for the expression of evangelical conviction in the realms of theology, evangelism, church life, cultural life, and society. Digital subscription included if email address is provided.
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Commonweal’s mission is to provide a forum for civil, reasoned debate on the interaction of faith with contemporary politics and culture. Read by a passionate audience of educated, committed Catholics, as well as readers from many other faith traditions, Commonweal presents well-argued, respectful p...
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Daily Word

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Daily Word offers daily messages and practical teachings to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.
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