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Adventist Review

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Find yourself immersed in a vibrant, thriving community of fellow believers by subscribing to the Adventist Review. Three times a month it reports on what’s happening among our people and organizations. You’ll see for yourself why it is the most respected source of news and information in world chur...
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America The Jesuit Review

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America The Jesuit Review magazine for thinking Catholics and those who want to know what Catholics are thinking.
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Angels on Earth

Your Price: $20.95 You Save: 11%
An inspiring magazine about God’s messengers and their work in the world today. Created to bring you stories of angels and the messages they deliver. You’ll read stories filled with profound mystery yet radiating faith-affirming hope.
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Answers Magazine

Your Price: $39.99
Answers is the most-read and most-awarded creation-worldview magazine! Packed with relevant topics, amazing photographs, and informative graphics, this truly unique magazine uses exciting science facts to confirm the Bible and reach the lost.
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Biblical Archaeology Review

Your Price: $47.70
Archaeological findings are explored to uncover the mysteries of the past, primarily as they relate to Biblical writings. Pictures, graphs and charts, and maps help communicate this fascinating information which helps the reader understand the historical
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Christianity Today

Your Price: $49.00 You Save: 48%
Provides a forum for the expression of evangelical conviction in the realms of theology, evangelism, church life, cultural life, and society. Digital subscription included if email address is provided.
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Daily Word

Your Price: $17.95
Daily Word offers daily messages and practical teachings to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.
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El Centinela

Your Price: $20.99 You Save: 19%
El Centinela® es una revista mensual de cuatro colores y 16 páginas que invita a sus lectores a vivir como cristianos en la sociedad moderna, y les informa cómo hacerlo. La revista pone un énfasis especial en la Segunda Venida de Cristo y en las profecías y “señales” que indican la cercanía de este ...
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Hinduism Today

Your Price: $35.00
Hinduism Today is a quarterly journal, produced by the monks of Kauai's Hindu Monastery as a public service, not to tell their own story, but to cover the people, events, philosophy and traditions of the broader Hindu world. The monastic staff also direct by e-mail a skilled international cadre of j...
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Inside the Vatican

Your Price: $49.95
Published six times a year, Inside the Vatican magazine provides comprehensive, independent reporting on Vatican affairs and the worldwide Church, with occasional special supplements. We bring the Vatican into your home, your office, your backyard — wherever you read our magazine.
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