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American Teen (1.5 yr)

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Formerly called LaTEEN, we are now called AMERICAN TEEN. The world is yours, young students! Grades, dating, college, careers, real-life...we feature it all. Celeb interviews in every issue! American Teen is written primarily in English although there is usually at least one article written in Spani...
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BAZOOF! formally ZAMOOF!, is a vibrant award-winning “health” magazine for youth set in a bustling city in outer space. Along with much fun and adventure, it educates readers on nutrition, personal hygiene, fitness, positive self image, character development, bullying, online safety, goal setting...
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Glitter Magazine (Teen Magazine) - Digital

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Glitter Magazine lets celebrities talk for themselves. We want to know what inspires them, what makes them laugh, and what gets them moving. We also love giving you a voice because Glitter Magazine is for Girls Who Rock! Like you! We feature REAL PEOPLE doing amazing things, highlighting our talente...
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J-14, abbreviated from the original title “just for teens”, is the number one teen celebrity magazine. It is the ultimate source of star news, offering its faithful readers gossip about their favorite teen celebrities. Similar to the majority of other publications geared towards this age group, J-14...
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New Moon Girls

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New Moon Girls is the unique, ad-free, global magazine and fully-moderated social network for learning and creative self-expression. Best quality content by/for grades 3-8 explores the world and develops empathy and confidence. Frequent Parents' Choice and Golden Lamp winner.
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Scholastic Choices

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The only magazine that helps develop the real-world critical thinking skills teens need for success outside of the classroom. Grades 7–12. Subscriptions run for a school year, September through May. Orders received after September will start the following school year.
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Sex Etc

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Written by teens, for teens. Honest and accurate sexual health information backed up by professionals. Timely topics that are relevant to teens’ lives. More teen voices than ever. Each magazine contains 20 vibrant, full-color pages. Sex, Etc. magazine is printed three times a year—in September, Jan...
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Teen Graffiti

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Offers teenagers the opportunity to publish their creative work & opinions on the issues that affect their lives: love, family, smoking & community service.
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Tiger Beat

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Your guide to teen life (and all things cool). Tiger Beat is the hottest source for breaking news and gossip on your favorite teen celebs-straight out of Hollywood! Exclusive photos, interviews & videos.
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The WORLDteen current events program is designed for pre-teens and young teenagers ages 11-14. WORLDteen editors select age-appropriate news that broadens young teens’ awareness of world events. In addition, stories in WORLDteen are written from an underlying biblical perspective, often integrated i...
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