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Approved Variety Puzzles

Your Price: $24.97 You Save: 44%
Dozens of variety puzzles such as Crostics, Frameworks, logic problems, Quotefalls, Word Seek and more.
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Blue Ribbon Sudoku Collection

Your Price: $14.35 You Save: 60%
210 Sudoku puzzles covering all levels of difficulty. The toughest thing about these puzzles is putting them down.
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Blue Ribbon Word Finds

Your Price: $31.00 You Save: 13%
Enjoy 90 puzzles in this large print collection of easy-to-read, delightful-to-solve word searches.
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Collector's Crosswords

Your Price: $36.00
Collector's Crosswords has 126 Sunday-size puzzles, including many thematic crosswords. Collector's Crosswords has outstanding puzzles ranging from 1-star to 3-star to suit all levels of solvers. Subscription includes 17 regular issues and 7 large print issues.
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Comics & Gaming (CGMagazine)

Your Price: $50.00 You Save: 16%
Originating as a Canadian print publication in 2010, Comics & Gaming Magazine seeks to explore the culture and news of comics, gaming, and film as they relate to a mature audience. With comics and gaming now at the forefront of media popularity, CGMagazine endeavours to better connect our readers wi...
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Dell Logic Problems

Your Price: $23.97 You Save: 19%
Match wits with the world’s best constructors! Rated from easy to super-challenging — these puzzles will keep your mind stimulated for days! Full size, 80 pages.
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Dell Math & Logic Problems

Your Price: $23.97 You Save: 19%
Try your hand at dozens of math puzzles and logic problems Guaranteed to keep your brain active for hours. Enjoy Figure Logics, Cross Sums, Sudoku, Word Arithmetic, and a whole lot more! Complete with solving charts and detailed solutions. Full size, 80 pages.
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Dell Official Variety Puzzles

Your Price: $21.97 You Save: 8%
Dell Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games Magazine features a variety of fun-to-solve and educational puzzles including picture maze, form-a-word, number places, hi-score, cryptoquizzes, anacrostics, tanglewords and much much more!
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Dell Official Word Search

Your Price: $14.97 You Save: 16%
Dell Official Word Search Puzzles offers a wide variety of different puzzles for all skill levels. Entertainment for the entire family is packed into every jumbo sized issue.
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Dell Original Sudoku

Your Price: $26.97 You Save: 15%
The puzzle sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Spend minutes learning the rules and enjoy hours of solving fun. You’ll find over 180 puzzles at four difficulty levels.
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