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Bridal Guide

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Bridal Guide Magazine is published for the contemporary bride-to-be to ensure a successful wedding day. Articles in Bridal Guide feature topics such as wedding fashions, etiquette, decorating and honeymoon travel as well as relationships, marriage and sex. Bridal Guide also provides tips on budgetin...
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COSMOPOLITAN focuses on personal growth, relationships and careers, with expanded reporting on fashion and beauty, health and fitness. Celebrites and pop culture are covered as well... and just about everything else young women want to know about..
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Cosmopolitan - Digital

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The largest-selling young women's magazine in the world, Cosmopolitan is famous for its upbeat style, focus on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends.
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Country Woman

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Treat yourself to the favorite life-style magazine of country-loving women for over 30 years. Filled with country recipes, decorating, crafts, gardening and wholesome humor
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Country Woman - Digital

Your Price: $19.98 You Save: 28%
Since 1970, Country Woman has celebrated the spirited group of women whose passion for the rural lifestyle comes through in their love of crafts, cooking, gardening and their dedication to home and family. You’ll find recipes, helpful tips and heartwarming stories in every issue.
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Great articles for readers with sophistication. Covers beauty,fashions, cuisine and personalities. Also gives you tips on travel.
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Elle - Digital

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ELLE is the international fashion magazine for sophisticated, independent women with a strong sense of personal style. The hottest designers. The latest fashions on the street and on the runways. Plus the beauty, health and fitness finds to keep you glowing.
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First For Women

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First for Women Magazine is one of the top publications for busy mothers and women who find themselves on the go. Each issue devotes specific segments to holiday entertaining, diet and fitness, style, and cooking. Readers will find helpful tips on ways to reduce stress, the right foods to eat, and a...
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Good Housekeeping

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Covers food, nutrition, fashion , beauty, relationships, home decorating and home care, health and child care and consumer and social issues. Articles are supported by reports from the Good Housekeeping Institute, the evaluation laboratories of the magazine.
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Harper's Bazaar

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Harper's Bazaar is where elegance finds expression. Appealing to the contemporary working woman and mother with its coverage of fashion, beauty, and current lifestyle trends, this monthly magazine will stimulate a sophisticated woman's style.
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