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Men's General
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A mix of entertainment and enlightenment - stories that amaze and intrigue, fantastic fiction, current fashion, sports, great places to do cool things, advice on nutrition and sexual fitness and fabulous women. Plus books. Movies. Music. Humor. Politics.
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Esquire - Digital

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Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.
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Maxim creates a richly visual journey with stunning covers and engaging content that spotlights everything from luxury travel, style & fashion, sports, auto, and more. It's for the man who believes that everything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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Maxim - Digital

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Maxim (DIGITAL), the world's leading men's magazine, gives guys what they want — beautiful women, jokes, sports, entertainment, gadgets, rides and beautiful women. Did we mention beautiful women?
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Men's Fitness (UK)

Your Price: $135.00 You Save: 9%
Men’s Fitness UK is the magazine dedicated to helping you become fitter, healthier and happier. Rather than wasting your time listening to the wrong advice, turn to Men’s Fitness for expert insight on how to build muscle, burn fat, beat stress and become the best version of you. Each issue brings yo...
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Your Price: $19.95 You Save: 66%
Out Magazine was founded in 1992 as America's first general-interest gay and lesbian magazine. Articles and features on current affairs, popular culture, celebrities, fitness, and financial advice.
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Out and Advocate Bundle

Your Price: $29.95 You Save: 19%
Now you get both great magazines in one easy subscription package. Subscribe to The Out/Advocate print edition and you’ll receive The Advocate's authoritative coverage of LGBT news, politics and opinion along with Out’s rich mix of thoughtful writing, stunning visuals, and unsurpassed coverage of fa...
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Stuff (UK)

Your Price: $151.00 You Save: 17%
Stuff is the world’s best-selling gadget magazine, covering all the latest and greatest gadgets, gear and technology that money can buy. Stuff will keep you in the loop with the most exciting technology products months before they hit the shelves. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, TVs or smart spea...
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