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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery

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Stories in the field of crime, suspense, mystery, and detection. Includes reviews of books, plays, movies, radio & TV, as well as puzzles & articles on the subject of mystery!
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Analog Science Fiction and Fact

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Modern science fiction, science fact and fantasy stories concerning the new, the old, the future and beyond. Also includes book, movie, radio and television reviews, editorials and science puzzles.
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Billboard Pro (Digital)

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Billboard Pro is your backstage pass to the ultimate in music industry coverage, context, and intel. Billboard Pro gives you access to all of Billboard’s weekly charts, our digital-first platform with interactive content, a 24/7 feed of breaking news, timely deep dives, expert commentary, and more! ...
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Black Masks

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For nearly 28 years, Black Masks has provided subscribers with a premier source of Black entertainment news, particularly about Black theater and other Black performing, literary and visual arts throughout the United States and abroad. The articles in each issue are largely based on original intervi...
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Bomb Magazine - Digital

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Conversations between artists, writers, directors, and musicians since 1981,
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Boxoffice - Print + Digital

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Every month, Boxoffice delivers the latest news on films in development and in production, reviews of movies in release, exclusive interviews with stars, directors and producers, up-to the-minute information on technology and industry insider views. Enjoy unlimited access to along w...
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Call Sheet

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Call Sheet is the definitive pocket guide to the television and film industry. And its provides the names, addresses and phone numbers of casting directors, agents, network prime-time programs, daytime dramatic serials, television and network producers/packagers, and films in preparation and develo...
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Channel Guide Magazine

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Channel Guide Magazine makes it easy for you to navigate the vast world of TV entertainment. Every month, you’ll receive an issue (over 200 pages in every one!) packed with daily programming grids, A-to-Z movie listings, exclusive interviews, viewing recommendations, premium channel highlights and ...
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This magazine features celebrities that Gen Xers grew up watching and focuses on positive stories instead of scandals. It also includes age-appropriate advice on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, diet, recipes and decorating.
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Consciousness Magazine

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Consciousness Magazine – “Urban Inspiration,” is committed to raising the level of consciousness of the residents in our community. The mission of Consciousness Magazine is to promote understanding, make a difference in society, touch hearts, as well as, emphasize positive celebrities and significan...
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